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Course Overview

Over the course of your career in the delivery of projects, you may find yourself working for both the Owner and the Contractor. Each side manages project delivery differently – the Owner manages at the higher level of detail while the Contractor manages at the lower level of detail.

This course delivers practical training in how to confidently establish, set-up and manage the delivery of projects, irrespective of whether you find yourself working for the Owner or the Contractor


Best suited for the discerning project manager, engineering leads, estimators, planners and schedulers, cost controllers, procurement and contracts, and construction leaders who would like to learn how successful project delivery comes together.


What is this course about?

Project time management and utilization are complex tasks within their own premises; the use of complex tools and applications further adds  to  these  complexities,  adding  to  the issues  faced  by  project  managers.  Oracle’s Primavera P6 is an example of such applications. Learning  new  software can  be  a  daunting task,  especially  when  you  are  working trainee. Taking out time after work to learn new software can result in poor time management and   leave you exhausted! This is where our job takes action! 

 We  have managed  to  develop  a  highly  simplified Primavera P6 course which aims at cutting  down  on  your  learning  time  and  to  enable you to understand the software better. Oracle’s Primavera P6 has often been found to  be  intimidating  and  confusing,  even  by trained  and  experienced  project  personnel, which  highlights  the  important  need  for repeated  training  and  referral  to  related  informative content. This is why this course has been formulated! Since  Primavera  P6  is  a  complex  software, and  just  one  training  course  may  fail  to suffice;  the  fact  that  trainees  will  have unlimited  and  unrestricted  access  to  the course  content  makes  this  course  suitable and  feasible  for  interested  parties.  The course has been developed in a manner that would  help  to  reduce  the  confusion  and obstacles  that  hinder  understanding  the software out of the trainees’ mind, helping them to better understand the software and  its application, thereby making it seem less complex  and  intimidating.  The  course  has been  created  in  a  manner  that  utilizes  the practice of the application, thereby helping to  embed  how  the  application  performs  in the case of real life scenarios. Our  aim  is  to  help  you  enhance  your understanding  of  the  Oracle  Primavera  P6. Whether your aim is to clear any ambiguities about  the  software  and  its  process,  or  you just wants to polish or enhance your skills: this  course  is  bound  to  cater  to  all  your

Varying needs regarding the Primavera P6. Anyone with a clear understanding of the Primavera P6 as scheduling software will be in a better situation to produce effective and efficient project schedules which can enable the project manager to manage projects in an enhanced manner, helping to ensure the success of the project.

Primavera P6

Oracle Primavera P6 is one of the most capable and effective project management software tools available on the market. It is designed to plan and manage all kinds of complex projects with satisfying each team member’s planning requirements.

This high-performance planning and scheduling software provide all the necessary tools and features which helps to manage your project’s entire life cycle. For example, risk management, critical path analysis, resource, and cost management are some of the basic features of this great software. With the help of it, organizations across all industries such as construction, oil & gas, and manufacturing can successfully plan and manage their projects in today’s uncertain economical conditions.

Who should attend this course?

Anyone belonging to the field of construction projects and project management should take this course in order to carry out projects in an enhanced manner. The target audience for this course is:

Why shall I attend this course?

The Primavera P6 is versatile and sophisticated software, with extensive capacities of performing a diversified set of tasks.  This course has been specially designed to help Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Managers, and other project management related staff enhance their Oracle Primavera application skills. This is not only bound to improve one’s competency but is also a sure shot way of carrying out projects with effective timelines and schedules, ensuring a high success rate.

Career growth! Individuals who are looking for professional training  and  certifications  in  Oracle Primavera,  Earned  Value  Management (EVM),  Critical  Path  Method  (CPM),  Key Performance  Index  (KPI)  and  much  more Primavera  features  for  better  project engineering  and  management,  can  benefit from  attending  this  course.

Course Info

What the class has to offer?

The class is broken down into two formats:

Theory and application.

For the theory part, the  instructor, responsible for the course, will provide with the  explanation  of  the  software,  its  scope, operations,  tools,  and  how  it  can  help  on project  engineering  and  management,  in order to provide trainees with the sufficient and accurate theoretical data which can be useful in the future. A step by step guide of the tools and application of the software will be provided, also with a demo of the utilization of each tool.

In  order  to  ensure  that  the  concepts  being taught are really being installed in the minds of  the  trainees,  the  instructor  will  then provide hands-on experience opportunity for the  trainees  to  practice  and  enhance  their Primavera application skills. This is done to ensure that trainees understand the concepts being  taught  and  can  identify  areas  where they  lag  beforehand,  so  they  do  not  face issues further on in the course. Trainees, at this point, are encouraged to test themselves and their learning to understand which areas require improvement and what are their problem zones in the case of the software. The application of the Primavera P6 will be taught in great detail, followed by a project development plan surrounding the software. The course is bound to increase your level of understanding  of  the  software,  thereby increasing  your  ability  to  analyze  various aspects of Construction planning and project management,  like  critical  path,  resources, the  progress  of  the  project,  etc.  All relevant personnel of construction projects can benefit from the contents of this course.





The course will offer study content like:

What makes this course unique?

This course is no centered on cramming information about the Primavera P6 into the minds of the trainees. Its aim is to enhance and polish their application of the software. It  is  for  this  reason  that  we  won’t  be  only explaining  the  software  features  and  tools Primavera, but there will also be a real construction project.  This will be like a stimulation of Primavera capabilities with the real world project management, providing practical and hands-on experience with the software.  We  will  go  through  the  critical planning techniques and all required skills to seamlessly  blend  this  tool  into  your  real project engineering and management world.

Oracle’s Primavera P6 Solutions are tailored for project intensive industries including:

Engineering and Construction

Oil and Gas – Utilities

Aerospace and Defence

Industrial Manufacturing

value customers users viewer

Public Sector

Financial Services


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