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Complete Guide to PRIMAVERA EPPM
(Enterprise Project Portfolio Management)

PRIMAVERA EPPM (Enterprise Project Portfolio Management)

Oracle’s Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) Solutions enable project driven organizations to intelligently manage programmes and projects. EPPM Solutions provide the project management, collaboration and control capabilities needed to manage change and successfully deliver projects on time, within budget and with the intended quality and design.


PRIMAVERA EPPM (Enterprise Project Portfolio Management)

Features & Benefits

Get projects headed in the right direction

Choose project and program portfolios with the highest risk-adjusted returns and then accurately forecast all costs, schedules and resource demands. Project mixes can be easily adjusted, the right people assigned to your projects, and you can customize and scale the applications to meet your needs.

Deliver projects on time and within budget

Streamlined processes and improved efficiencies can help you deliver your projects faster, with higher quality and lower cost. Real-time and secure collaboration makes for coordinated efforts and smarter decisions.

Assemble the best project portfolio

Consider potential projects with easy to use investigative tools and identify major risk factors and assess resource needs, timelines, funding and cash flow. Use this analysis to carefully select the projects and programs that will give you the best return on investment.

End-to-end visibility for improved decision making

Oracle’s Primavera helps break down technology barriers with flexible software built on open industry a standard that is easily integrated with other enterprise software. This integrated solution gives you a single version of the truth for each and every project you are working on.

Enable real-time collaboration

Productivity suffers if project teams cannot collaborate effectively, and Primavera solutions help overcome these roadblocks. EPPM Solutions enable end-to-end real time communication between local and global teams across the value chain to help you improve overall project productivity, schedule and cost commitments.

Improved agility in changing times

The project environment has a dynamic nature and Primavera delivers effective change management processes and the necessary project insight to respond to change. Easily adjust project plans and assess impacts to mitigate risk and understand the impact on KPI’s, metrics and financial data.

Keep the right projects on the right track

With the tools to evaluate the risks and rewards associated with projects and the confidence to assemble the portfolio that gives you the greatest business value, Primavera EPPM will keep your projects running smoothly. EPPM solutions easily integrate with other enterprise applications to help you overcome the issues of working with fragmented processes that lead to inconsistent and unpredictable results.

Oracle’s EPPM Solutions are tailored for project intensive industries including:

Engineering and Construction

Oil and Gas – Utilities

Aerospace and Defence

Industrial Manufacturing

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Public Sector

Financial Services


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